COVID-19 Related Updates and Announcements

To make all COVID-19 related announcements readily available and easily accessible we have created this page. All news, updates, and announcements from CFRE International about anything related to COVID-19 will be found below:

April 2: Submit your CFRE application now and get 18 months of CFRE testing eligibility

These are uncertain times, which means it is more vital than ever to ensure you have the sharpest possible fundraising skill set. That’s why CFRE International wants to give you added peace of mind as you work towards your CFRE…read more.

April 1: Receiving your CFRE certificate: An update

Ordinarily, CFRE International mails certificates promptly. However, the CFRE International office is located in Virginia, a U.S. state that has a mandatory stay-at-home policy in effect until June 10, 2020…read more.

March 31: Creating and following your CFRE exam study plan during COVID-19

We realize you have a lot on your mind now, but if you’ve struggled in the past to find time to study for the CFRE exam, the weeks ahead could be an opportunity for you to invest in yourself by getting your studying underway…read more

March 18: A message to the CFRE community regarding COVID-19

For many in the fundraising community, this is an unprecedented, unpredictable time. The uncertainty nonprofits face right now is a challenge unlike anything most of us have seen before…read more.

March 16: Announcement for CFRE candidates and COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and in the interest of the well-being of our candidates, CFRE International is waiving the ATT Reissue fee (USD $35) for any candidate currently authorized to sit for the exam during the April 15 – June 15 exam window in 2020…read more.