Deadlines for Recertification

Your Recertification Application is due on or before your Certification Expiration date (check your online account or your certificate).

A late fee will be due for all recertification applications received after the Certification Expiration date.

Deadline for Late Recertification Applications.

Recertification applications will not be accepted after the Deadline for Late Recertification Applications.

March 31September 30
June 30December 31
September 30March 31
December 31June 30

Fees for Recertification

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Standard feeUSD $510
Discounted fee (members of Participating Organizations only)USD $408
Service Fees 
Late recertification applicationsUSD $50
Payment submitted by checkUSD $50
Payment submitted in non-US currency (checks only)USD $50
ATT Reissue FeeUSD $35
ATT Reactivation FeeUSD $135
Extension FeeUSD $150
Application Processing Fee*USD $50
Withdrawal Fee**USD $300

About CFRE International’s service fees:

Paying by check, in non-US currency, and/or submitting a late recertification application means that your materials must be hand-processed.  We charge service fees because of the extra steps and costs involved with these transactions.

*Changing your form of payment after submission constitutes a refund, and will result in a refund processing fee.

Help us to give you the best and fastest service by avoiding the transactions that incur service fees.  We encourage all applicants to avoid service fees by:

  • Paying online via credit card or debit card
  • Making sure that funds submitted are in US currency if paying by check
  • Submitting recertification applications on or before your certification expiration date (listed on your certificate and your online account)

Thank you for your help!