Why certify?

Earning your CFRE is an exciting professional achievement that shows you go beyond by leading and committing to a higher standard in fundraising.

The CFRE process measures the individual’s knowledge and skills in best practices in ethical philanthropic fundraising.

Does it pay to become certified?

In North America, where the CFRE credential’s roots date back to 1981, there is a strong correlation between CFRE certification and increased salary potential.

According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ 2019 Compensation and Benefits Study, CFRE certified fundraisers in the United States earn on average $27,000* more than their non-certified colleagues. In Canada CFREs earn on average just under $25,000* more than their non-certified colleagues.

What are the advantages of having the CFRE credential?

  • Third-party validation of your knowledge, skills, and practice.
  • Enhanced career opportunities. Many fundraising professionals tell us that after they earn their CFRE, they are called more often for interviews and have an edge in the job application process.
  • Stronger earning potential.
  • Demonstrated commitment to a career in fundraising. The fundraising profession has a reputation for high turnover. By becoming a CFRE, you show you are invested in your profession and continually building your skill set.

Check out our Top 10 reasons to become a CFRE PDF handout.

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* dollar figures quoted in the specified country’s currency

Are you ready to be a CFRE?

You’re probably closer than you think!

The CFRE International certification process has two parts:

  • a written application
  • a written examination

Candidates must meet the requirements of the written application before they are permitted to test.

Getting started on your application

Your My CFRE account is the place to manage all aspects of your initial certification or recertification. In your My CFRE account, you can:

  • Start your application for CFRE initial certification or recertification
  • Review and update your contact information
  • Add activities to your existing initial certification or recertification application
  • Submit and pay for your initial certification or recertification application entirely online
  • Check the status of your application
  • View your next recertification date
  • Request a new password

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