Policy on Withdrawal from Eligibility

Candidate applications are valid for one (1) year from the date of submission. If a candidate determines he or she will not be able to test during that one (1) year time frame, he or she can receive a partial refund of the exam and application fee by withdrawing from eligibility.

If a candidate has already made a reservation to test, the candidate must call the test delivery vendor and cancel the reservation at least two (2) full business days in advance of the scheduled exam date.

The candidate must make a written request for withdrawal of eligibility via email or traceable mail delivery, postmarked to CFRE International. Upon receipt of the written request, CFRE International will return to the candidate his/her application. A refund of the application and exam fee, minus a processing fee will be sent within four (4) weeks of the written request.

Once CFRE International receives the letter requesting withdrawal, the candidate will no longer be eligible to test. The test delivery vendor will be notified and the candidate’s eligibility removed from all records.

If the request to withdraw eligibility is not received by the expiration date of the application and the candidate does not sit for the examination within the one (1) year of application validity, the candidate will forfeit all application and examination fees.

If the candidate decides to take the examination at a later date, the candidate will need to reapply as a new candidate, meeting all application criteria and fees in force at that time.