Get ready for the October 1 application deadline

The final 2019 application deadline will be here before you know it!

Here are five tips to help you get your application ready for the October 1, 2019, deadline. You will have one year to sit for the CFRE exam after your application is approved so there will be plenty of study time.

  1. Use our Application Do’s and Don’ts checklist.
  2. Ensure you meet all of the initial certification requirements, including 80 hours of education.
  3. Need a few extra hours of education? Use the CFRE My Education Finder to find webinars, courses, and conferences pre-approved for CFRE credit (don’t forget that fundraising-related education not pre-approved by CFRE can also count).
  4. Watch our one-hour video that walks you through the CFRE application process start to finish.
  5. Have questions about any part of the application? Contact us before you submit your application. Write to us at and a member of our Certification Team will be glad to assist you.

We look forward to reviewing your application!