Education requirement: 7 tips for assembling your CFRE application

Inputting your education information into your CFRE application can feel like a big task. Check out our advice to make the process as smooth as possible.


1) Keep your continuing education documentation.
Hold onto documentation from every in-person and virtual training you complete. This can be a receipt, registration confirmation, or in the case of webinars, a screenshot of the first and last slides.

2) Don’t keep continuing education documentation in your work email.
It is highly recommended that you create a folder in your personal email account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) where you will store all of your documentation. If you keep documentation in your work email and are suddenly no longer at your organization or forget to move all of your documentation when you switch jobs, you will create a lot of extra work for yourself.

3) Don’t have all of your documentation? Ask for it.
You can contact the organization that held a conference or training and ask them to resend your registration confirmation.

4) Keep your conference and program agendas.
Be sure to hold onto soft or hard copies of the agendas from various trainings you attend. This will make it easier for you to calculate the number of points earned (remember to subtract out time spent on networking, breaks, and meals).

5) As soon as you attend a training, log it in your My CFRE account.
Do not make the mistake of trying to input information about everything you attended in the past five years in a single sitting. This will be daunting and it could be difficult to remember specifics about each event you participated in.

6) If available, use the CFRE points tracker.
Many conferences offer a CFRE points tracker so you will know precisely how many continuing education points you’ve earned. Ask the event organizer for the CFRE points tracker if you do not see it readily available.

7) Remember you can earn points for volunteering.
You’re able to earn one point per year per organization you volunteer with, up to 10 points in total, on your initial certification application. If you serve on a committee or board, you can earn two points per year per organization. Log this in the Service Learning area of the Education section.