Policy on Denial of Eligibility

Eligibility for approval to sit for the CFRE Examination may be denied when any part of the application and/or disclosure statement is incomplete, illegible or does not contain the correct fees.

Eligibility for approval to sit for the CFRE Examination may also be denied when an application purporting to represent and demonstrate how the applicant meets the established eligibility requirements is found to be incomplete, and/or does not substantiate or properly demonstrate the applicant’s achievement of the minimum eligibility requirements.

When any application for eligibility to sit for the CFRE Examination is denied, the applicant will be notified in writing and given every opportunity to correct and submit that which is necessary to properly complete the application process and verify minimum eligibility requirements within a one-year time frame.

If time permits and all documentation is in order, the candidate’s application will be processed, and eligibility granted for the testing window originally requested by the candidate. Should this process take the applicant past the current testing window, the candidate will be granted eligibility for the next available examination window. Regardless of items the candidate must supply or the time line in which materials are submitted, the candidate’s application remains valid for only one year from the date of receipt of the original submission. If a candidate does not complete the certification process within the one-year time frame, the application becomes invalid and a complete, new application and application fee must be submitted.