Policy on Awarding the CFRE Credential

CFRE International awards certification status to paid, professional individuals engaged in the generation of philanthropic dollars who meet each of the established eligibility criteria, as follows:

  1. Completing an online application demonstrating achievement of the required minimum number of points in each of the three (3) categories;
  2. Agreeing to adhere to the CFRE International Accountability Standards; and to uphold the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fund Raising, and upholding of local, regional, and national regulations affecting fundraising in their country of practice through completion of the online application;
  3. Paying all fees and submitting all materials within the stipulated deadlines;
  4. Achieving a passing score on the current form of the written CFRE examination.

Candidates receive their scores immediately upon completion of the exam. Candidates awarded the CFRE designation will be officially notified, in writing, by CFRE International. The letter of official notification, along with an official certificate, from CFRE International constitutes proof of having been awarded the CFRE designation.

Rights and privileges, such as use of the CFRE designation and display of a certificate symbolizing this achievement, are granted via the letter of official notification, and are subject to revocation. A candidate is eligible to use the CFRE designation upon receiving confirmation from CFRE International that the certification has been awarded.