Evaluating the CFRE International brand and brand promise

CFRE International is in the process of evaluating our brand and brand promise and we’re working with Achieve, a noted research and marketing agency for causes, to conduct the brand audit.

As part of the brand audit process, Achieve distributed a brief survey by e-mail last week to all current CFRE certificants, along with some CFRE candidates with active applications for initial certification. The survey seeks to collect diverse feedback about individuals’ understanding of the mission and values of CFRE International, the CFRE International brand, and their motivations for being interested in obtaining and maintaining certification.

We would really appreciate your feedback to the survey and thank you in advance for your help in this important process. The survey will close Wednesday, 15 November.

If you no longer have the original e-mail invitation to complete the survey, please contact share@cfre.org for a replacement copy.