Celebrating CFRE certified fundraisers reaching certification milestones in 2016

CFRE International wishes acknowledge and congratulate the fundraising professionals listed below for reaching fifteen and thirty year milestones of CFRE certification in 2016.

Their long term commitment to CFRE certification demonstrates remarkable dedication to professional standards for ethical best practice in philanthropic fundraising and lifelong professional learning. Please join us in congratulating these leaders in the philanthropic fundraising profession!

Achieving 30 Years of CFRE Certification in 2016

Paul Adamo, CFRE Eleanor Cicerchi, CFRE Thomas McCarty, CFRE
Claire Axelrad, JD, CFRE Mario John DellaPina, CFRE Margaret McLean, CFRE
David Brunkow, CFRE David Fanning, CFRE James Quinn, CFRE
Stephen Cargill, CFRE Francine Friedman, CFRE Carla Rosati, CFRE
Robert Carter, CFRE Sam Kennedy, CFRE Mary Rush Stevenson, CFRE

Achieving 15 Years of CFRE Certification in 2016

De Ann Acosta, CFRE Ann Hale, CFRE Paula Neal Reza, CFRE
Eva Aldrich, CFRE Sharilyn Hale, CFRE Christopher O’Connor, CFRE
Paul Amundsen, CFRE Linda Haley, CFRE Pamela Palumbo, CFRE
Michael Andreola, CFRE Dwight Heaney, CFRE Sheila Montgomery Park, CFRE
Elise Barry, CFRE Charlotte Henderson, CFRE Chanda Parrett, CFRE
Kerry Bartlett, CFRE Anissa Hilborn, CFRE Douglas Peck, CFRE
Beverly Beisgen, CFRE J. Stuart Hoffman, CFRE Jody Pellerin, CFRE
Kyrsten Bell, CFRE Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE Richard Penny, CFRE
Fayruz Benyousef, CFRE Michel Hudson, CFRE Shawn Perrin, CFRE
Peter Bilotta, CFRE Reginald Ingram, CFRE Lisa Pottie, CFRE
Karen Bissonnette, CFRE Stephen Jakab, CFRE Jory Pritchard-Kerr, CFRE
Christian Bolduc, CFRE Scott Johnson, CFRE Virginia Purcell, CFRE
Kevin Bonney, CFRE Lynne Johnson, CFRE Barbara Racklin Bushnell, CFRE
Julie Bornhoeft, CFRE Julie Johnston, CFRE Linda Rahn, CFRE
Frank Bourget, CFRE Karen Kahan, CFRE Robb Resler, CFRE
Dora Boylen-Pabst, CFRE Mark Kalish, CFRE Tamara Ridenour, CFRE
Rachelle Bracebridge-Bussell, CFRE Christine Kane, CFRE John Rivas, CFRE
Anne Bradley, CFRE Rhonda Kelley, CFRE Amy Rome, CFRE
William Brooks, CFRE Virginia Heubach Kelly, CFRE Rebecca Rump, CFRE
Mollie Butler, CFRE Jane Kessler, CFRE Mary Rutherford, CFRE
Maureen Carroll, SBS, CFRE Mary King Hendricks, CFRE Rosemary Sajak, CFRE
Alyssa Cholodofsky, CFRE Vicky Klug, CFRE Mary Scheuner, CFRE
Cheri Choy, CFRE Deborah Kotch, CFRE Tracy Schleyer, CFRE
Cheryl Cobbs, CFRE James Kramer, CFRE Sue Ann Sharp, CFRE
Sharon Collins, CFRE Katherine Kreuchauf, CFRE Susan Simons, CFRE
David Condliffe, CFRE Martha Kunau, CFRE Lisa Slinkard, CFRE
Evelyn Craig, CFRE Melinda Larson, CFRE Isazetta Spikes, CFRE
Barbara Cunningham, CFRE Matthew Lentsch, CFRE Letitia Stuart, CFRE
Barbara DeClerk, CFRE Ceilanne Libber, CFRE Janet Stump, CFRE
Jill Dotts, CFRE Greg Lichti, CFRE Shayne Summers, CFRE
Jill Dow, CFRE Kathy MacNaughton, CFRE Kathleen Swayze, CFRE
Linda Eisenhart, CFRE Mary Elizabeth Markley, CFRE Dawn Theaker, CFRE
James Falk, CFRE Robin Markowitz, CFRE David Tinker, CFRE
Carole Fish, CFRE Andrew Markwell, CFRE Barbara Track, CFRE
James Fogal, CFRE Maureen McKenna, CFRE Lise Twiford, CFRE
Robin Fowler, CFRE Jeffery McLain, CFRE Teresa Vasilopoulos, CFRE
Kristine Frakes, CFRE Donald Meyer, CFRE Juliana Ver Steeg, CFRE
James Frey, CFRE Patricia Miller, CFRE Timothy Willard, CFRE
Jeffrey Fulgham, CFRE Ray Mishler, CFRE Charles Willenbrink, CFRE
Rita Gilbertson, CFRE Kathleen Monteleone, CFRE Luanne Williams, CFRE
Jon Gillespie, CFRE Richard Morgan, CFRE Debbie Wilson, CFRE
Joseph Goepfrich, CFRE Kara Mostowy, CFRE Tracey Wiseman, CFRE
Julie Gonzalez, CFRE Mitze Mourinho, CFRE Jodi Wong, CFRE
Donald Gordon, CFRE Jacqueline Mullen, CFRE Ellen Woods, CFRE
Melinda Gowey, CFRE Heather Murphy, CFRE Sara Zelonis, CFRE
Ronnie Hagerty, CFRE Bridget Murphy, CFRE Reid Zimmerman, CFRE