Policy on Rescheduling, Cancelling, or Failing to Appear for an Exam

Candidates may cancel or reschedule their exam within the same testing window with Pearson Vue up to 48 hours before the originally scheduled exam time. If the candidate chooses to reschedule their exam outside of the specific testing window that they applied for, then they must request a new ATT Letter for a specific Testing Window that is within his or her Application Expiration Date and pay the appropriate processing fees (click here to see fees).

If an emergency occurs within 48 hours of the scheduled exam time, the candidate may opt to miss their exam and submit a “Request to Reactivate/Reissue an ATT Letter” form and pay the appropriate processing fees (click here to see fees).

Acceptable reasons for failing to appear for the scheduled exam:

  1. Serious illness of either the candidate or an immediate family member;
  2. Death in the immediate family;
  3. Disabling traffic accident;
  4. Court appearance or jury duty; or
  5. Unexpected military duty call-up

Candidates will be required to include documentation, such as a physician’s note, a police report, or other government-issued documents.

The candidate must send notice of the reason, in writing with accompanying documentation, to the offices of CFRE International within seven (7) business days following the original scheduled testing appointment. CFRE International reserves the right to request additional evidence to support a candidate’s reason for failing to appear for the testing appointment according to the guidelines.