Policy on Reporting Continuing Education

CFRE International’s certification programmes is conducted on an honour system of reporting, however measures need to be in place to verify the accuracy of reporting.

CFRE International requires all candidates to obtain and keep on file continuing education documentation including the following information:

  1. date(s) of the continuing education activity
  2. name of activity organiser (acronyms not acceptable)
  3. title of the session(s) attended
  4. session topic(s)
  5. total number of contact hours
  6. name/title of presenter/activity coordinator

Candidates are not required to submit this required documentation with their applications. However, such documentation may be required at the request of CFRE International or in the event the candidate is selected for documentation verification.

Candidates must supply documentation that meets the requirements. If appropriate documentation meeting the requirements is not submitted upon request to substantiate a given activity, the activity will not be counted toward the education requirement. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

It is the sole responsibility of each candidate to obtain and retain information which fulfils the requirements of all CFRE International policies. CFRE International does not track or maintain information on candidate attendance at any educational programming.

Applicants are required to maintain documentation of the following, for any educational activity submitted for acceptance on the CFRE application for certification or recertification, and provide such documentation if requested:

Programmes date, title, name of presenter, name of sponsor, and number of credit hours granted

  • Programmes outline or agenda
  • Documentation of:
    • Participation in Conferences/Workshops
    • Official confirmation of registration at conference; or
    • Certificate of attendance/completion; or
    • Official letter verifying attendance on the presenting organisation’s letterhead

Presenting at Conference/Workshops

  • Official letter of confirmation to present from organisation hosting activity; or
  • Photocopy of final programmes with candidate name printed in it


  • Photocopy of publication cover and first page including candidate’s printed name; or
  • Photocopy of article that includes title of publication, date of publication, and candidate’s printed name

Failure to Report

Each CFRE certificant is responsible for demonstrating full compliance with all continuing education requirements.

Unsupported, misstated or fraudulent reporting of continuing education points is a violation of the CFRE International’s Accountability Standards and is cause for action and may be grounds for revocation of one’s CFRE certification.

If continuing education requirements, and/or all other recertification requirements, are not met by the end of a CFRE certificant’s grace-period, the certificant’s status as a Certified Fund Raising Executives (CFRE) shall expire. The individual will no longer be eligible to represent him or herself as a CFRE. The only way to re-gain certification will be to apply again as a candidate for initial certification, meet all current requirements, and pass a current form of the written CFRE examination.