Policy on Re-Examination

If a candidate does not pass the CFRE written examination, the candidate may retake the exam a maximum of 2 times within the 1 year of application validity. Candidates must wait 30 days from the date of the exam and pay a retake fee (See fees). Once the failed grade is entered into the database, the candidate will automatically be sent an email alerting them to their next steps.

Their original application will remain valid through the issued application expiration date, twelve (12) months from the date the Application is approved by CFRE International. Candidates will not be required to meet any additional eligibility requirements during this time.

If the candidate has not chosen to re-take the exam by the application expiration date or has failed the re-examination(s), he or she would be required to submit a new initial application and pay all initial certification fees. At this time, the candidate would be subject to any new eligibility criteria which may have been implemented.