Policy on Application Audits

CFRE International randomly selects up to 10% of individuals who apply for initial certification or recertification to have submitted documentation verified.

The verification requires applicants to furnish completed copies of their:

  1. Continuing Education documentation, including:
    • date(s) of the continuing education activity
    • name of activity organiser (acronyms not acceptable)
    • title of the session(s) attended
    • session topic(s)
    • total number of contact hours
    • name/title of presenter/activity coordinator
    • proof of attendance in the form of a certificate or receipt
  2. Employment verification contact information (i.e., name and telephone number for supervisor or human resource department from all reported employment. Consultants should supply same for a variety of clients.)
  3. Proof of dollars raised, communications projects, or management projects through annual reports or other official documentation.

CFRE International reserves the right to request additional information related to the recertification process. Materials may be requested as far back as three (3) years.

Reported information which cannot be verified, through required documentation or employer contacts, will not be applicable toward necessary points on the candidate’s application.


Candidates for initial certification and recertification will be pre-selected for audit through a database process. Applications from candidates selected for verification will not be reviewed. Once the application has been received, these candidates will be sent an email informing them that they have been selected and requesting that all required information be submitted within thirty (30) days.

Incomplete Information

Initial certification applicants who submit incomplete or non-verifiable information may choose an alternate testing window when required information is verified. Once the application is approved, candidates will have one (1) year from the approval date to sit for and pass the exam.

Recertification applicants who submit incomplete or non-verifiable information shall automatically be deferred into their six (6) month grace period. All information submitted by candidates for recertification shall be verified within the six (6) month grace period allotted or the candidate’s certification shall expire and be removed.