Policy on Appeal Process for Initial Certification and Recertification Candidates

An appeal is defined as a formal request for reconsideration of an adverse decision made by a CFRE Certification Committee or a CFRE staff member related to an individual’s achievement or retention of a certification.

The appeal procedure is available to any individual (Appellant) who has applied for or received CFRE certification/recertification and who wishes to contest any adverse decision or proposed action affecting his or her application for certification/ recertification status. A copy of this appeal procedure is issued to each applicant, and again to each appellant, along with the written notice of the adverse decision or proposed action. Any individual who does not file a request for an appeal within the required time limit shall waive the right to appeal. Candidates may not have access to the examination form, answer sheet, or answer key under any circumstances.  This policy does not cover complaints about certificant conduct. Complaints about certificant conduct are addressed in the policy on Complaints Against Certificate Holders.

Click here for the Procedure for Filing the Initial Appeal to CFRE International.