Policy on Recertification

All individuals granted certification by CFRE International are granted such status for a period of three (3) years. At the end of the three (3) year period, a certificant must meet all the eligibility requirements for recertification as stated in the Candidate Handbook and on the application form itself in order for the certification status to be continued for another three (3) years.

The purpose of recertification is to encourage certified individuals to stay abreast of evolving knowledge and skills in the profession through continuing education and to promote the ongoing competency of those certified through requiring continued practice in the fundraising field.

CFRE International has established a recertification interval of every three (3) years. CFRE International believes this is an appropriate amount of time between which to ask certificants to demonstrate their continued competence.

If a certificant does not submit an application for recertification, or the application does not sufficiently document the necessary requirements, their certification would expire, as detailed in section 12.3 of this manual.

Candidates for recertification are required to submit the documentation as outlined on the application form and in the Candidate Handbook to sufficiently demonstrate achievement of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Education – documentation of a minimum of forty-five (45) points, consisting of formal education and professional development/continuing education attended during the most recent three (3) years, as outlined on the application and in the Candidate Handbook. One point is equal to one clock hour of education. Applicants may also submit up to 10 points of volunteer work as Service Learning. Volunteer work must be separate from one’s employment or contractual obligations with a given organisation. 2 points per year for each ongoing volunteer leadership role. 1 point per year for each instance of general volunteer service. (a maximum of 10 will be counted) Proof of such may be requested upon review.
  2. Professional Practice – provide documentation of a minimum of thirty (30) months of full-time or half-time experience as a paid, professional fundraiser. This employment is to be as a paid, professional member of a fundraising staff or as a fundraising consultant to not-for-profit organisations with at least fifty percent (50%) full-time, or one hundred percent (100%) half-time of job duties and responsibilities assigned to fundraising activities, resource development and/or the management of fund development. CFRE defines half time employment as ½ full time employment (FTE) or greater. Professional experience in this category must have taken place during the most recent three (3) years, which allows for gaps in employment.
  3. Professional Performance – documentation of a minimum of forty (40) points consisting of actual funds raised, communications and/or management projects impacting the organisation’s fund-raising functions, as outlined on the application and in the Candidate Handbook. All items under Professional Performance must be directly related to clients or employers listed on the application under Professional Practice. Volunteer work will not be accepted as Professional Performance.

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