Inaugural European Fundraising School in Vienna co-sponsored by CFRE International


From 27 June to 1 July Vienna’s Hotel & Palais Strudelhhof will host the first European Fundraising School. Presented by the Austrian Fundraising Association, and co-sponsored by CFRE International, The European Fundraising School’s English language curriculum will focus on the core principles of successful fundraising, and major gift acquisition.

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During the first 3 days of the school, 27-29 June, CFRE International President and CEO Eva E. Aldrich, M.A., CFRE will instruct a 3 day intensive course in the core methods and principles of successful ethical fundraising.  The final 2 days of the inaugural European Fundraising School will be devoted to a major gift acquisition workshop focused on strategic planning, negotiation skills, and the fundraising management techniques necessary to secure major gifts. The major gifts acquisition workshop will be led by Becky Gilbert, CFRE, an internationally-recognized expert in the areas of fundraising, major gifts, corporate partnerships, and non-profit management. Gilbert also serves as Head of Educational Fundraising at the German Fundraising Association and is a member of the CFRE International Board of Directors. Euro_Fundraising_School1

For more information or to register, visit the European Fundraising School website.