Discover upcoming fundraising C.E. opportunities with My Education Finder

Magnifying Education

Education is a key requirement for your CFRE certification. With My Education Finder, CFRE International answers the call of CFRE certificants and candidates for a simple resource to identify and learn about quality continuing education offerings appropriate to your CFRE certification needs. Only programmes that have been reviewed by CFRE International and approved for CFRE education points are included on My Education Finder.

The My Education Finder search functionality allows content to be filtered based on multiple programme data points, allowing you to identify approved educational offerings that meet your specific needs from the over 580 approved offerings (including more than 140 online courses) currently available. There is even free educational content to be found!

Searchable data points include:

  • Programme dates
  • Programme type (i.e. in-person, online, or hybrid)
  • Programme location
  • CFRE knowledge domain(s) covered
  • Keywords related to the programme

My Education Finder search results include programme title, dates, programme type (see above), provider name, CFRE points awarded, programme price, and contact information for more information and/or registration.

As programmes are submitted to CFRE International by Approved Providers, the programme content available on My Education Finder grows. For additional information about submitting educational programmes for approval and inclusion on My Education Finder, click here.

CFRE International is very pleased to be able to respond to the educational needs of CFRE certificants and candidates with this expanded service.