Continuing Education Approved Provider Agreement

The Continuing Education Approved Provider (Provider) attests that the Provider has read CFRE International’s Continuing Education Credit Policy and this Continuing Education Approved Provider Agreement (Agreement), understands them, and agrees as a condition of approval to abide by all requirements.

The Provider attests that all programmes offered for CFRE International continuing education credit are and will remain correct and current in content and format, and contribute to increasing the professional competency of CFRE certificants.

Course Content: Continuing Education activities reported to CFRE International must be in subject areas covered on the CFRE Text Content Outline. The Test Content Outline is located in the CFRE International Candidate Handbook and on the CFRE website at, click on Exam Information.


  • Current and Prospective Donor Research
  • Securing the Gift
  • Relationship Building
  • Volunteer Involvement
  • Leadership and Management
  • Ethics and Accountability


CFRE International recognises that certain continuing education opportunities, while not directly fundraising related, will enhance your performance as a fundraising professional.  Examples of such courses include: technology training, software package training, human resource principles, and personal development such time management skills.  Providers are not to submit to CFRE International programmes in any subject area other than those designated above.

This Agreement and Provider’s approval with CFRE International shall remain in effect for a maximum of one twelve-month calendar year as indicated in the Approved Provider Determination letter.   Providers have the option of renewing its application for subsequent programmes or periods.  If Provider fails to reapply, the Provider shall no longer have approval with CFRE International.

Programme Standards: The Provider agrees that it’s Programme(s) meet, and will continue to meet, the following requirements.  Programmes assist fundraisers to:

  • obtain current professional development information
  • explore new knowledge in specific content areas
  • master new fundraising-related skills and techniques
  • expand approaches to effective fundraising
  • further develop professional judgment
  • conduct professional practice in an ethical and appropriate manner
  • Programmes are developed by persons qualified in the subject matter;
  • Programme content is current, correct and presented in appropriate design and format
  • Programme titles accurately represent the course content and purpose

Programme Acceptance and Advertising: In consideration for compliance with this agreement, the Provider understands that after acceptance by CFRE International of submitted Programmes and receipt of appropriate fees, it may advise prospective attendees of the number of continuing education points granted.  The Provider agrees that it will only provide such notification by indicating that Programme has been “accepted by CFRE International” or that continuing education points have been “granted by CFRE International.”

The Provider agrees not to, in any way, explicitly or implicitly, state or imply that CFRE International has accepted a Programme or granted continuing education points unless such Programme has, in fact, been accepted by CFRE International and been sent an Official Notice of Determination.  Provider agrees not to state or imply that CFRE International has made a determination on the merits or quality of the Programme, including but not limited to that the Provider or its Programmes have been “accredited” or “approved” by CFRE International.

CFRE International’s Trademark Rights: The Provider hereby agrees and acknowledges that CFRE International is the sole, absolute and exclusive owner of all rights, title, and interest in and to the marks CFRE™, Certified Fund Raising Executive™ and CFRE stylised logo (Marks).

Restrictions: Without limiting the other terms set forth in this Agreement, unless otherwise approved by CFRE International in writing, the Provider shall not, directly or indirectly: (i) use the Marks in conjunction with the provision of any financial services; (ii) use the Marks in conjunction with the sale of any tangible goods; (iii) use the Marks in conjunction with the provision of any services, except the promotion and conduct of the offering of its approved Programmes; (iv) certify individuals to use the Marks;  (vii) state or imply that CFRE International has made a determination on the merits or quality of any Programme that is intended to meet its continuing education requirements.

Fees: All fees are subject to change and are non-refundable.   The Provider must pay a fee to have materials reviewed for approval as a Provider.

Indemnification: the Provider hereby agrees to defend and indemnify CFRE International, its officers, agents, affiliates, and employees from any liability, including all claims, demands, losses or liabilities of any kind, that may arise as a result of its offering the Programme(s) for CFRE International continuing education points, or out of CFRE International’s acceptance of such Programme(s) for continuing education points.

Limitation of Liability: CFRE International is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or enhanced damaged arising out of approval of a programme or inability to use CFRE marks.

Termination by CFRE International: This Agreement may be terminated by CFRE International, if CFRE International, in its sole discretion, determines that the Provider at any time fails to comply with any provision of the Guidelines or this Agreement. CFRE International shall provide thirty (30) days written notice to the Provider, specifying the nature of the non-compliance. If within the thirty (30) day period, the Provider cures the non-compliance to the satisfaction of CFRE International, this Agreement shall not terminate. However, if the Provider fails to correct the non-compliance to the satisfaction of CFRE International within the thirty (30) day period, the Provider shall be deemed in breach of this Agreement, and CFRE International may terminate this Agreement upon notice to the Provider. In the event the Provider performs an egregious act which reflects unfavourably upon CFRE International, or jeopardizes the Marks, CFRE International shall have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately.

Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason: (i) all rights granted to the Provider under this Agreement shall immediately cease; (ii) CFRE International shall remove the Provider’s name and/or Programme from CFRE International’s list of Approved Continuing Education Providers upon the next version of any printed publication containing such list, and upon the next revision to any website bearing such list; (iii) the Provider shall immediately destroy all materials bearing the Marks, and shall further cease and desist from any further use of the Marks or any further reference to them, either directly or indirectly; and (iv) the Provider shall not use any of the Marks or any trademark or name confusingly similar thereto. Removal of the Provider from such lists shall not limit any other action CFRE International may take with respect to misuse of the Marks, including the infringement of any CFRE International trademark.

Termination by Provider: The Provider may terminate this Agreement for any reason upon thirty days (30) days advance written notice to CFRE International. We understand and agree that failure to comply with any or all of this agreement and/or failure to meet acceptable standards in our Programmes, as determined by CFRE International, may result in termination of our sponsorship and/or of acceptance of our Programme(s) and that notice of such termination may be given by CFRE International to all CFRE certificants. We hereby agree to comply with all of the foregoing terms and conditions.