Policy on Updating Candidate and Certificant Information

With the exception of name, candidates and certificants may update their demographic information online.

All candidates for initial certification or recertification must apply to the program under their legal name. If at any time a candidate’s name changes, the candidate is required to submit legal documentation (e.g., marriage license, divorce decree, new driver’s license) in order to update the record.

Certificates will not be issued in any name other than the candidate’s legal name.

For candidates for initial certification, the name provided on the application is the name that will be sent to the test delivery vendor and the name that will be printed on the Authorization to Test (ATT) letter, score report and certificate.

The name on the ATT letter must match government-issued photo identification the candidate presents to gain access to the examination testing area. If a candidate’s identification does not match the name in the file, the test delivery vendor will not admit the candidate.

Candidates whose identification does not match the name on file will forfeit their testing appointment, their ATT letter will be voided, and the candidate will be required to obtain a new ATT letter.

Candidates may submit documentation for a name change until an ATT letter is generated. If an ATT letter is generated and there is a subsequent name change, a candidate must request a new ATT letter if the candidate will be providing identification in his/her new name. Requests for new ATT letters are to be made using the “Request to Reissue/Reactive Authorization to Test (ATT) Letter” form.