What is the CFRE Practice Exam?
The CFRE Practice Exam is a web-based assessment resource for individuals preparing to take the CFRE exam.
How much does the CFRE Practice Exam cost?
Two options are available:

  • $59.95 – 30 days unlimited access.
  • $99.95 – 90 days unlimited access.
Can I renew my subscription once it expires?
Yes. You can renew as often as you like.
I purchased an account but I never received an email or can’t login.
The most common cause of this is your email server blocking TestRun’s email. If this occurs, check your Clutter or Junk folder. If you still have not received anything, please contact the TestRun support team.
Can I purchase access to the CFRE Practice Exam if I am not yet registered to take the CFRE Exam?
Yes! Simply navigate to the Practice Exam, then click Register. Follow the appropriate instructions to purchase your desired subscription.
Why should I purchase access to the CFRE Practice Exam?
The CFRE Practice Exam is a tool to help you identify areas where you should focus your studying. However, it is just one of many resources available and should not be the only means of preparation for the exam.

The CFRE Practice Exam was designed with candidates in mind. Depending on how you use it, you may experience various benefits, including:

  • Boosting your confidence
  • Evaluating your knowledge in each of the relevant exam categories of the Test Content Outline.
  • Detailed, personalized reports to help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses in the six knowledge domains of the CFRE Test Content Outline.
How does the practice exam prepare me for the CFRE exam?
The CFRE Practice Exam is the only exam practice tool created by CFRE International. With questions from each relevant exam category, it is a self-assessment tool to guide your study.
Am I guaranteed to pass the CFRE exam if I purchase the CFRE Practice Exam?
No. While the CFRE Practice Exam is meant to help you prepare for the exam, use of this product does not guarantee enhanced performance on the exam or a passing exam score. Simply memorizing answers will not enhance performance on the exam. It is far more important to understand the best practices in ethical fundraising that underlie the questions and answers.
How was the CFRE Practice Exam created?
It was created by CFRE International in conjunction with our partner, TestRun. The CFRE Practice Exam features questions that will help you identify your strengths as well as areas where you may want to devote additional study time.
Will the questions from the CFRE Practice Exam be on the real test?
No. The Practice Exam questions will help you prepare and identify areas of additional study. Do not memorize the questions and answers on the practice exam as they will not appear on the actual exam.