Becoming an Approved Provider is simple

To become an Approved Provider, complete the online application with your organization’s contact information and the programs you would like reviewed.

What counts?

  • All programs must conform to our Policy on Continuing Education Credits.  A program’s content must be fundraising specific and cover subject areas outlined in the Test Content Outline.
  • A wide variety of educational formats can count for credit including, but not limited to:
    • conferences
    • classes
    • seminars
    • conference recordings (both audio and video)
    • online courses
    • hybrid online-in person courses
    • study modules
    • facilitated group sessions
    • webinars
    • roundtable discussions

How are points calculated?

  • CFRE Continuing Education points are based on contact hours, where 1 hour equals 1 point. Partial hours are counted in increments of .25 points per 15 minutes (1 hour 45 minutes equals 1.75 points).
  • CFRE International generally does not accept programs less than 45 minutes and all courses 45 minutes to an hour count as one point.

How long does approval take?

  • The application fee is due at the time of submission and is non refundable.
  • Approval is an annual process. Organizations must complete the application each year to continue to be called an approved provider.
  • Programs must be submitted for approval in advance. CFRE International recommends submitting programs at least 30 days prior to the program date to allow sufficient time for the approval process. CFRE International does not award Continuing Education Points for programs for which approval is sought after the program has taken place.
  • Applicants will be notified by email within 30 days whether or not their programs have been approved. Along with notice of approval, applicants will receive the CFRE Continuing Education logo and a template for a Continuing Education point tracker.
  • Once an application is submitted, an email will be sent confirming submission and providing a new username and password. This can be used to log back into the application at a later date to add new programs or to update contact information.
  • Do NOT list your organization or your programs as approved before receiving an official approval letter from CFRE. Violation of this policy can result in rejection from the program without a refund.

Additional Policies

  • Organizations may not charge fees for CFRE Continuing Education Credits that are above (or in addition to) the regular cost of attending the training, workshop, webinar, or conference.
  • The CFRE Continuing Education logo may not be modified in any way on an organization’s website or print materials.

How are entries added to My Education Finder?

Continuing Education Approved Providers are organizations that have submitted their programs to CFRE International for review to verify that they meet CFRE International’s continuing education standards.

Only those Providers who have registered programs with CFRE International may advertise that the programs have been pre-approved by CFRE International for Continuing Education Points on the CFRE application for both Initial Certification and Recertification.