CFREs share their insights and advice on how they approached various aspects of becoming a CFRE.


UK-based fundraising consultant Robin Thomas, CFRE, on how certification has positively impacted his career

Becoming a CFRE in Australia: An interview with Mahza Ahadiwand, CFRE

Why it’s been worth it: Jeffrey Fulgham on his 20 years as a CFRE

Didn’t pass the CFRE exam YET? Jack Alotto, MA, CFRE, has some advice for you

Was it worth it? Bev Neisler, a CFRE for 25 years, weighs in on the certification’s benefits

Michèle Joanisse, MBA, CFRE, on earning her certification during the pandemic

New CFRE Brandon Leong shares his CFRE journey

Angela Bartee, CFRE, on what inspired her to earn the certification

Executive Director Wendy Chang, CFRE, shares how she prepared for the exam and more

Caroline Fairchild, CFRE, on earning her CFRE 15 years into her fundraising career

Nicoleta Radoi, CFRE, on her CFRE journey

James Dyer, CFRE on his CFRE experience

Beryl Durazo, CFRE, on what inspired her to become a CFRE

Lillian Bui, CFRE, on how she approached the CFRE application and exam

Randy Klassen, CFRE, on how he approached the CFRE and his advice for those contemplating earning their certification

Amanda Burrows, CFRE, shares her CFRE journey

Juanita Sheppard, CFRE, on the value of the CFRE for higher ed fundraising professionals

Jeff Norris, MBA, CFRE, on why employers should invest in the CFRE for their fundraising staff

Cherian Koshy, CFRE, on how the CFRE process helps him bring more value to his organization

Daniel Lanteigne, CFRE, CHRP shares how he approached becoming a CFRE

Sian Newton, CFRE, on earning her CFRE as a consultant

Jae Rivera, CFRE, on staying focused and on track

Myrna Ghorayeb, CFRE, on investing in professional growth with a certification

Robert Shippey, CFRE, on staying positive and motivated during CFRE exam preparation

Lesley Ray, MBus, CFRE, FFIA, on encouraging staff to become CFREs

Lisa Ramsell, CFRE, FCIM, on the value of a credential when job seeking

Nadine Shalala, CFRE, on the value of holding a global fundraising credential

Betsy Mehlman, CFRE, shares why she pursued certification and how she prepared for the exam

Eric Heininger, CFRE, on the value of earning your CFRE as a consultant

Ellaine Hislop, CFRE, on how she prepared for the CFRE exam

Michael Ticzon, CFRE, on why he pursued his CFRE early in his fundraising career

India Alexis Ehioba, MNA, CFRE, has tips on overcoming six reasons for putting off earning your CFRE


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