Strategic Priorities 2016-2019

CFRE International assembled a strategic planning committee that included board, staff, and representatives from selected partner organizations for a two-day meeting in March 2016. The resulting plan, which was approved by CFRE International’s Board of Directors, recognizes that CFRE International has advanced significantly over the past few years in its worldwide efforts to enhance the professionalism of fundraising practice.

Key strategic priorities of the plan are:

1. Pursue increased recognition of the CFRE credential as the international standard for certification of fundraising professionalism.

CFRE International will enhance its international brand through achievement of the global standard of ISO 17024 certification for the CFRE credential, recognition by charity monitoring organizations, expansion of partner organization relationships and volunteer ambassadors, and research that validates CFRE International as a thought leader for the fundraising profession.

2. Reframe CFRE International’s relationship with partner organizations to increase the number of certificants.

CFRE International will work with partner organizations to build a new, mutually beneficial relationship model and enhanced structure and responsibilities for the CFRE International Advisory Council.

3. Increase the availability of reliable and valid CFRE exam preparation resources.

CFRE International will invest in the creation of accessible, affordable CFRE preparation materials and other learning materials to support best practices in ethical fundraising.

4. Develop and promote an integrated pathway for individual professional development, based on CFRE knowledge domains.

CFRE International will work with partner organizations to develop a unified career development pathway for fundraising professionals, which may include a junior credential, mentoring, and creation of emeritus status.

5. Ensure that CFRE International’s governance, management, and infrastructure support ongoing excellence and the successful completion of the initiatives in the strategic plan.

CFRE International will create a firewall between certification and education services and will continue to strategically recruit and engage selected volunteers to provide an international perspective in all activities and carry out the priorities of the strategic plan.