Policy on Inactive Status

An individual who holds the CFRE credential may request and be placed on inactive status for up to three (3) years from the date of request to the point of again becoming active. Reasons for requesting inactive status include unemployment, maternity/paternity, illness, and education. During the inactive period the individual is required to take continuing education courses to keep abreast of changes in the field. Inactive status is based on the same three-year cycle as recertification.

To apply, the individual must choose the Inactive option when submitting their application online to CFRE International. Staff reviews the request and notifies the individual of the outcome.

Inactive status is restricted to a maximum of three years and is based on the same three-year cycle as recertification. The CEO, upon request, may grant an extension of the inactive period for an additional three years. Those individuals attempting to extend their inactive period must demonstrate that they have made every attempt to meet the recertification requirements, as well as explain why they were unable to do so, for reasons of illness, unemployment, or other reasons outside of their control. The CEO may consult the Board for additional feedback in these cases.

The recertification fee is not waived for the period the person is inactive and is to be paid at the time recertification is due.

If no continuing education courses are taken during the inactive period, the individual’s certification is considered expired and must reapply for initial certification. The candidate must meet all current eligibility requirements and sit for, and pass, the current form of the written examination.