Following are key resources for CFRE candidates.

CFRE International recommends that candidates review these materials carefully.

Candidate Handbook

A comprehensive overview of information a candidate for the CFRE credential needs to know, including information about the content of the CFRE exam; the examination process; and key policies.

Test Content Outline

An in-depth overview of the six domains of fundraising knowledge tested on the CFRE exam, as well as the weight of each domain on the CFRE exam.

Resource Reading List

The complete list of reading resources recommended by CFRE International for those studying for the CFRE exam. Please note that this list is provided as a helpful guide and not as a prescriptive list for those study for the CFRE Exam.

CFRE Testing Guide

A guide to scheduling your CFRE Exam and Pearson VUE facility policies.

Glossary of Fundraising Terms

This glossary of fundraising terms appears in Achieving Excellence in Fundraising, 3rd Edition. Eds. E. Tempel, T. Seiler, and E. Aldrich. (c) 2010 by Jossey-Bass. This material is reproduced with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Examples of Management and Communications Projects

The Professional Performance category awards points for major achievements in the communications field, and in fundraising management, that proved critical to the success of a fundraising effort. Candidates must demonstrate the measurable impact of an activity on the fundraising effort. The activity does not have to result in funds raised. Each approved activity is awarded 5 points.

CFRE Accountability Standards

All holders of the CFRE credential pledge to abide by CFRE Accountability Standards.

Donor Bill of Rights

All holders of the CFRE credential pledge to abide by the Donor Bill of Rights.

International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising

All holders of the CFRE credential pledge to abide by the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising.

About Your CFRE Exam Scores

Information regarding your CFRE Exam Scores.

CFRE Application Do’s and Don’ts

A handy list of tips to help ensure you submit the correct information with your application.

CFRE Application Process: Step by Step Video

This 60-minute webinar recording on YouTube walks you through how to fill out each section of the application.