Test Yourself with the CFRE Practice Exam

CFRE International offers the CFRE Practice Exam. Designed to help build your confidence, it aids in identifying areas where you may want to focus your preparation.

The CFRE Practice Exam is accessible through a subscription from TestRun (You will need to create a separate account once you are on their site). For $59.95, you have unlimited access for 30 days (You can also subscribe for three months for $99.95).

Take as many practice tests as you like! Best of all, the unique platform created by our partner TestRun allows you to see feedback in each of the six knowledge domains in the CFRE exam content outline.

Customize your experience. You can take a full 100 question practice exam, or you can take a short 10 question quiz in any of the six knowledge domains.

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Have Questions about the Practice Exam?

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or view our candidate instructions for details on how to take the CFRE Practice Exam:


There are no tools that guarantee that you will pass any exam. As stated above, you must understand best practices in ethical fundraising. Passing an examination is not based on how much money you spend or the number of resources utilized. It is based on successfully applying your knowledge across the spectrum of the field. Use of the practice exam will not count towards the Continuing Education Points required on the CFRE application.