Representing CFRE Certification – Representing YOU!

Throughout the year CFRE International travels to both U.S. and international fundraising conferences to raise the profile of the CFRE credential, forge partnerships, and educate the philanthropic community about the value and importance of CFRE certification.

Through conference exhibits and sponsorships, speaking engagements, and networking CFRE International is bringing the value of CFRE certification directly to all segments of the philanthropic sector. CFRE International has or will be sponsoring or exhibiting at the following conferences during the forth quarter of 2017.

National Conference on Philanthropic Planning (NCPP): 9-11 October, Baltimore, MD
Austrian Fundraising Congress: 9-11 October, Vienna, Austria
Central and Eastern European Fundraising Conference (CEE): 10-13 October, Bratislava, Slovakia
International Fundraising Congress (IFC): 17-20 October, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
50th AHP International Conference : 18-21 October, New Orleans, LA
AFP Toronto Congress: 20-22 November, Toronto, Canada
CASE Region V Conference: 10-12 December, Chicago, IL

If you’ll be attending any of the upcoming  conferences be sure to visit the CFRE International conference exhibit booth with your colleagues. CFRE International staff and leaders will be on hand to answer your questions about CFRE eligibility, the CFRE application, writing the CFRE examination, recertification, and more. Or, just stop by to say hi and pick-up information to bring back to colleagues at home. We’d love to see you!