Legislative Alert: Louisiana House Bill 748

A bill is moving through the Louisiana legislature that would prohibit nongovernmental professional credentialing, such as CFRE and ACFRE, and AFP and CFRE International are asking members in the state to contact their State Senators immediately!

House Bill 748, the Occupational Licensing Review Act, would restrict any references to “certification” or “registration” for professional credentialing unless state law requires certification or registration to work in that field (e.g., the medical or legal fields).

State licensing programs that require association certification would be reviewed by the governor’s office every five years for possible sunsetting. No licensure law could include a certification requirement unless the governor’s office finds “empirically substantiated harms to consumers” if certification is not required.

Proponents of the bill have argued that Louisiana suffers from over-burdensome state licensure requirements that are hurting business. However, the broad nature of the bill means that fundraisers who have earned the CFRE or ACFRE, or other fundraising or nonprofit-related certifications, would be unable to use such certifications in the state.

Action Needed

House Bill 748 has already passed the House and is scheduled for a vote in the Senate Commerce Committee on May 9.

AFP and CFRE International are calling on all fundraisers in Louisiana to contact their state Senators and ask them to amend House Bill 748 to allow the use of professional certifications or accreditations in the state.

You can find out your state Senators at this link by using your address. Be sure to identify your STATE Senator, not federal U.S. Senator.

Ask your state Senator to support an amendment to House Bill 748 to allow the use of professional certifications or accreditations in the state by calling or emailing them with a quick statement such as:

Fundraising certifications like the CFRE and ACFRE showcase that those professionals who have earned them possess the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure charitable funds are raised effectively and used appropriately and ethically in the State of Louisiana. Prohibiting these credentials would have an incredibly detrimental impact on the local nonprofits supported by professional fundraisers. There are over 17,000 nonprofits in the state of Louisiana, and the sector employs over 100,000 individuals (7.1% of the state’s workforce) and generates over $23 billion in annual revenues. The CFRE and ACFRE certifications ensure that those fundraisers who earn those credentials support the philanthropic missions of Louisiana’s nonprofits and fund much-needed programs and services in the local communities. Please preserve these essential credentials in our state.

If you have any questions, please contact paffairs@afpnet.org, and thanks for your participation in this important public policy matter!