Reminder: CFRE Application Audits

One in every 10 CFRE applications for initial and recertification is randomly selected for audit to ensure the accuracy and validity of the data provided. This enables CFRE International to maintain the honor system for the other 90% of applications, while still meeting guidelines for independent accreditation, something no other professional certification for fundraisers offers.

All CFRE certificants and candidates are strongly encouraged to retain copies of documentation which supports their application entries until notice of application approval has been granted by CFRE International, in the instance documentation is required. Requirements for documentation are flexible in the event that your application is randomly selected for audit. Some examples include: receipts, degrees, certificates of completion for educational programming, examples of completed communications pieces, project/study finding reports to document management and publicly available IRS for 990 data to support entries for funds raised on behalf of an organisation. Professional practice entries will be verified with employers directly.

Rest assured, if randomly selected for audit, you will receive follow-up communication from CFRE International providing detailed information regarding acceptable forms of documentation, as well as how that documentation may be most easily submitted.

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