Celebrating CFREs reaching certification milestones in 2018

CFRE International wishes acknowledge and congratulate the fundraising professionals listed below for reaching 15- and 30-year milestones of CFRE certification in 2018.

Their long term commitment to CFRE certification demonstrates remarkable dedication to professional standards for ethical best practice in philanthropic fundraising and lifelong professional learning. Please join us in congratulating these leaders in the philanthropic fundraising profession!

Achieving 30 Years of Certification in 2018

Gary Bawden, CFRE Roberta Donahue, CFRE Felicia Murphy-Phillips, CFRE
Kathy Beattie, CFRE Wynne Fedele, CFRE John O’Kane, CFRE
Lambert Bittinger, CFRE Lisa Greene, CFRE Karen Petrucelli, CFRE
Bryan Bowles, CFRE Regina Jahr, CFRE Jamie Phillippe, CFRE
Merle Brodie, CFRE Wells Jones, CFRE Carol Schmidt, CFRE
Amy Cardullo, CFRE Barbara Kabakoff, CFRE James Spencer, CFRE
Lagrand Chase, CFRE John Kelleher, CFRE Karen Willson, CFRE
Barbara Ciconte, CFRE Anthony McDonnell, CFRE

Achieving 15 Years of Certification in 2018

Lorelei Abernethy, CFRE Heather Christopherson, CFRE Kimberly McCaslin, CFRE
Tracey Bailey, CFRE Barbara Clemenson, CFRE Meegan McVay, CFRE
Timothy Brown, CFRE Melanie Cohen, CFRE Crystal Miller, CFRE
Linda Bryson, CFRE Rosemary Conder, CFRE Jennifer Nicely, CFRE
Patricia Christie, CFRE Catherine Connolly, CFRE Clara Nyman, CFRE
Trevor Clark, CFRE Gordon Core, CFRE Jennifer O’Rourke, CFRE
Mary Ann Coutts, CFRE Matthew Cottle, CFRE Mary Ontko, CFRE
Ingrid Cowan, CFRE Kathryn Dannels, CFRE Heidi Owen, CFRE
Jolayne Davidson, CFRE Deborah Danner, CFRE E. Gail Perry, CFRE
Shirley Freek, CFRE Peter de Keratry, CFRE Susan Peters, CFRE
Yves Gadler, CFRE Marilyn DiVita, CFRE Christine Pieper, CFRE
Tony Giampietro, CFRE Dawn Doorn, CFRE Laverne Pitts, CFRE
Catherine Hinton, CFRE Kathleen DuBois, CFRE Timothy Plocica, CFRE
Sarah Howard, CFRE Gerald Duhon, CFRE Bobby Prince, CFRE
Jane Jamieson, CFRE Ruth Modlin Ellett, CFRE Eileen Pronobis, CFRE
Mridula Joyner, CFRE Kim Embretson, CFRE Suzanne Rackl, CFRE
Tracey Lamb, CFRE Paula Endress, CFRE Christopher Redo, CFRE
Shaun Lynch, CFRE Jennifer Fagerstrom, CFRE Ellen Rohwer, CFRE
Judith MacGowan, CFRE Sarah Fawcett-Lee, CFRE Marcy Rubic, CFRE
Caterina Magisano, CFRE Lisa Ferraro, CFRE Paul Russ, CFRE
Michael Mazza, CFRE Mary Fischer, CFRE Brian Sagrestano, CFRE
Elizabeth Mills, CFRE Erich Foeckler, CFRE John Sar, CFRE
Joyanne Mitchell, CFRE Maureen Gerard, CFRE Fred Scarborough, CFRE
J. A. Tony Myers, CFRE Janet Ginn, CFRE Martha Scheidler, CFRE
Lucinda Neufeld, CFRE Marshall Ginn, CFRE John Michael Schmidt, CFRE
Jeff Norris, CFRE Tanya Gonzales, CFRE Matthew Schneider, CFRE
Mandy Parker, CFRE Kimberley Hallin, CFRE Bonita Schultz, CFRE
M. Michelle Regel, CFRE Beverly Harrington, CFRE Jennifer Scott, CFRE
Dana Visocchi Rice, CFRE Marie Harris, CFRE Frances Sheehan, CFRE
Derek Rumboldt-deLouche, CFRE Jody Harvey, CFRE Linda Stacy, CFRE
Lyn Russo, CFRE Robert Hawley, CFRE Nicholas Stahl, CFRE
Heather Scott, CFRE Marni Hayman, CFRE Sharon Stanczak, CFRE
Alanna Scott, CFRE Dana Heiman, CFRE Robert Stephens, CFRE
Jennifer Stewart, CFRE Rebecca Hill, CFRE Craig Stirtz, CFRE
J. Shannon Stuart, CFRE Melinda Hillman, CFRE Bradley Stith, CFRE
Sonya Swiridjuk, CFRE Mark Hodde, CFRE Vanessa Stolen, CFRE
Dorothy Tam, CFRE Jeanne Huber, CFRE Diane Strachan, CFRE
Mary Beth Taylor, CFRE Kristina Huber, CFRE Kevin Sturtevant, CFRE
Robert Tomas, CFRE Jamie Inman, CFRE Amy Sukol, CFRE
Diane Wiles, CFRE Jorene Jameson, CFRE Ruth Swain, CFRE
Kathleen Wilson, CFRE Jennifer Johnson, CFRE Maureen Sylvia, CFRE
Kelly Ziegner, CFRE Caleen Johnson, CFRE Kimberly Thompson, CFRE
Deborah Rabe-San Roman, CFRE Deborah Johnson, CFRE Matthew Thorup, CFRE
Dianne Armstrong, CFRE Susan Kaiser, CFRE Tim Truitt, CFRE
Cynthia Atmar, CFRE Paulette Karas, CFRE Hugh Turley, CFRE
Joy Atrops-Kimura, CFRE Katherine Karpe, CFRE Jason Valente, CFRE
John Baker, CFRE Polly Kauahi, CFRE Julie Varee, CFRE
Pamela Barden, CFRE Kathryn Keyes, CFRE Penny Voss, CFRE
Alice Benson, CFRE Suzanne Killen, CFRE Robert Wahlers, CFRE
Nora Bird, CFRE Pamela King, CFRE Lisa Wahlstrom, CFRE
Peggy Blackard, CFRE Gary Klein, CFRE Karen Weavill, CFRE
Richard Bohrer, CFRE Alan Koepke, CFRE Vicki White, CFRE
David Bonner, CFRE Deborah Lackey, CFRE Susan DeWitt Wilder, CFRE
Barbara Boyce, CFRE Mark Ladendorf, CFRE Julie Wirtanen, CFRE
Nancy Brown, CFRE Angela Lane, CFRE Laurie Wolf, CFRE
Rita Burch, CFRE Michael Laudick, CFRE Lisa Wood, CFRE
Stacy Caddey, CFRE Judith Lemoncelli, CFRE Matthew Wright, CFRE
Suzanne Callahan, CFRE Dustin Manis, CFRE Catherine Wright, CFRE
Bradley Carlson, CFRE Kristin Martin, CFRE Danielle Wright-Landry, CFRE
Frances Carter, CFRE Robert May, CFRE Carolyn Young, CFRE
Cathy Cessna, CFRE