CFRE International has launched My Education Finder

My Education Finder will promote Approved Providers’ individual programmes on the CFRE International website, enabling current and prospective certficants to easily search for and find pre- approved continuing education opportunities.

CFRE International is therefore introducing an updated Approved Provider application.  The updated application allows users to submit programmes for both Approved Provider review and My Education Finder entry at the same time.


  • The ability to include programmes in the My Education Finder database is an optional additional service to the standard Approved Provider programme. Providers may choose to include all, some, or none of their approved programmes in this database.  Only approved programmes will be included in My Education Finder.
  • For ease of use and to maintain a streamlined process, entering programmes for Approved Provider review and for entry in My Education Finder have been combined.
  • For 2015 there is no fee for adding programmes to My Education Finder. However, as this is an additional service, in the future, CFRE may charge a fee for adding programmes to this resource.


  • The new process is similar to the old one. The major change is that programmes will now be entered individually in a separate Programme Entry page. This page is designed to collect information in a standard and uniform way, so that it can be easily added to My Education Finder.
  • The first page of the application is where users will enter general information about their organisation. For those who have an account, this information will be prepopulated.  For new users, clicking submit on this page will generate a username and password which will be sent to the email address provided.  Upon logging back in the first time users can change their password.
  • Background documentation MUST accompany each programme detailing the topics or information covered. These can be a brochure, syllabus, outline, or short paragraph.
  • At the bottom of the Programme Entry page, users will be able to select whether or not they wish to have their programme added to My Education Finder.
  • Once a user is finished entering a programme, they may either continue adding further programmes or submit and finish the application.


  • Once a programme is submitted it will be viewable at the bottom of the Programme Entry page. Users will be able to click on the individual programme to see all the information they previously entered.
  • Users are able to copy their entered programmes. Therefore, organisations that put on the same programme multiple times will be able to copy the original and simply change the details.
  • For multi-track conferences, providers may simply add the conference as one event. However, the uploaded materials must include a schedule and descriptions of all sessions.
  • Approval for Continuing Education points or for My Education Finder entry will be displayed on the individual programme page.
  • If a user wants their programme included in My Education Finder, the information provided in the application, including contact details, location (for in person programmes), and description will be added as entered. Please review carefully the details you enter.