Becoming an Approved Provider is Simple

On the following pages you will find information and resources to help education providers navigate the Approved Provider program and the My Education Finder.


Continuing Education Approved Providers are organisations that have submitted their programmes to CFRE International for review to verify that the programs meet CFRE International’s continuing education standards. Only those Providers who have registered programmes with CFRE International may advertise that the programmes have been pre-approved by CFRE International for Continuing Education Points on the CFRE application for both Initial Certification and Recertification.

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My Education Finder is a new feature on our website.  This resource allows current and prospective certificants to search for education opportunities from our Approved Providers.  Users can find webinars, workshops, conferences, online courses and more in the My Education Finder.  All programmes have been reviewed and approved as part of the Approved Provider process, so users can be sure they will count for certification.

For more information on My Education Finder, please click here.