The benefits of becoming a CFRE

CFREs report that earning the certification is a career milestone with a tangible impact:

  • 83% say it has been valuable in positively impacting earning potential
  • 90% say it has had an impact on providing enhanced professional opportunities
  • 92% say it increased their on-the-job confidence

Forging your professional development path

Many nonprofit fundraisers traditionally have learned their craft through a combination of on-the-job experience and various courses and conferences.

Becoming a CFRE verifies your knowledge and commitment to professionalism, ethics, and excellence in fundraising best practices to donors, grant makers, employers, peers, and the public.

Learn more about the requirements for CFRE initial certification and view upcoming CFRE application deadlines.

Start your application

January 15, 2020, is the next CFRE Application deadline! Ready to begin your CFRE application? Get started here.