Policy on Candidate and Certificant Privacy

CFRE International maintains all records concerning applicants and certified individuals participating in the CFRE programme. All information contained in records of candidates and certificants is confidential, and shall be disclosed only in accordance with these procedures. Demographic information, including name, address, phone number, and email address, is shared with CFRE International’s professional testing agency, in order to verify candidate information at the time of the exam.

All candidate scores are confidential, and shall only be released in accordance with these procedures. Candidates sitting for the CFRE Examination receive their scores directly from the professional testing agency contracted by CFRE International to perform examination scoring.

In the event that CFRE International receives an inquiry regarding the certification status of a particular individual, the only information that will be released is whether an individual currently is or is not certified. CFRE International will not reveal, unless authorized by the candidate or applicable law or regulation, that the candidate has applied, needs to recertify, needs more information submitted, was once certified, or any other information beyond current status.

Should a candidate or his/her employer or prospective employer require information on the status of a candidate’s application, exam score, or verification of former certification, such information will only be released following receipt of a signed, written request from the candidate authorizing CFRE International to furnish a specified party with the requested information

Scores will not be released from the CFRE International office. In the event that a duplicate copy of a score report is needed, the candidate should request one, in writing, from the CFRE International office which will forward the request to the professional testing agency.

CFRE shares candidate and certificant information as follows:

  1. Participating Organisations and/ or official Participating Organisation chapters receive notification lists consisting of certificant name, city, state, country, and original or most recent certification date upon initial certification and recertification. Upon request, a Participating Organisation may receive a list of all certified individuals affiliated with that Participating Organisation, as well as a list of affiliated individuals whose certification has expired.
  2. Vendors providing services for CFRE International may receive candidate and certificant names and email addresses, as part of marketing efforts with CFRE International. All contracts with such vendors shall require the vendor to maintain confidentiality of information provided. Individuals creating accounts on the CFRE website are notified of this and provided with an option to opt out of the email newsletter. In addition, the email newsletter provides and unsubscribe option, should the individual change their mind.
  3. In the instance that CFRE International is required by law to release candidate or certificant information, the individual in question will be notified as to what information is provided, unless prohibited by law.