If you’re short on Education points, you can recertify by passing the CFRE exam again

Candidates  for recertification are permitted to satisfy the Education requirements  for recertification by taking the current form of the CFRE Examination  and achieving a passing score.   By passing the current examination, candidates fulfill the Education requirements only.  Candidates  are still required to submit an application for Recertification which  meets the established requirements for Professional Practice and Professional Performance.

If  the candidate does not achieve a passing score on the exam, the  candidate must submit alternate information to satisfy the Education  requirements for recertification before his or her certification  expires.

When starting a new recertification application, the individual must check the “Recertify by Exam” box.  The recertification application must be submitted before the individual’s certification expires.  The individual must pay the current examination fee in order to be scheduled to sit for the examination.

Scores from the exam will be sent directly to the candidate from CFRE International’s professional testing agency.  A copy of scores is also sent to the CFRE International offices for the candidate’s file.  The candidate may retake the exam, if necessary.

When  a passing score is returned, individual will have satisfied the Education requirements for recertification.

When  a non-passing score is returned, the candidate will be sent a letter  requesting additional continuing education information needed to  satisfy recertification requirements.

If  the candidate does not submit continuing education information  sufficient to satisfy the requirements or achieve a passing score on  the exam by the end of his or her grace period, the candidate’s  certification will expire.