Individuals may request to be placed on Inactive Status for up to three years (one recertification period)

Inactive Status is an internal CFRE International administrative status only. Candidates who submit an Inactive Status application will be listed publicly as an active CFRE.

Reasons for requesting Inactive Status include unemployment, maternity/paternity leave, illness, and education.

During the Inactive period, the individual is required to meet the Education requirements of the application so as to keep abreast of changes in the field.  The individual is not required to meet Professional Practice and Professional Performance requirements.

To apply, individuals should check the Inactive Status box when starting a new recertification application.

The recertification fee is not waived for the period a person is Inactive and is to be paid at the time recertification is necessary.

If the individual does not meet the continuing education requirements during the Inactive period, the individual’s certification will expire.  He or she will be required to begin the process again as a candidate for initial certification.

An individual will not be granted a second consecutive Inactive Status without approval of the Board of Directors of CFRE International.  To request a second consecutive Inactive Status, please contact