Exam information

The CFRE examination is intended to assess your mastery of the body of knowledge required to perform fundraising tasks. The knowledge and tasks that are being tested are based on current fundraising practice—the tasks fundraising professionals perform on the job. It is testing what are commonly accepted as best practices around those tasks, not how your organisation or you personally carry out those duties.

The CFRE examination is a generalist, baseline exam and does not focus on any one area of fundraising. Rather, it expects that you will have a basic working knowledge of a variety of fundraising techniques and practices.

The CFRE examination is 4 hours long and consists of 200 multiple choice questions.  Of these, 175 questions count toward your score.  The other 25 questions are questions that are being tested to make sure they are psychometrically sound; these 25 questions do not count toward your score.  Candidates are encouraged to review our Candidate Handbook, Test Content Outline, and Resource Reading List as part of their preparation for the CFRE exam.

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