Why certify?

As a steward of the public trust, CFRE International certifies fundraising professionals.  Unlike many certificate programs being offered by educational institutions, for-profit firms, and nonprofit organisations, the CFRE program is practice-based. It is not an educational program that is intended to teach individuals how to raise funds. Rather, it is an assessment process that measures the individual’s knowledge and skills in best practices in ethical philanthropic fundraising. CFRE International promotes voluntary certification as the preferred alternative to licensure and/or government regulation.

Does it pay to become certified?

In North America, where the CFRE credential’s roots date back to 1981, there is strong correlation between CFRE certification and increased salary potential. According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ 2016 Compensation and Benefits Study, CFRE certified fundraisers in the United States earn on average $24,000* more than their non-certified colleagues. In Canada CFREs earn on average just under $30,000* more than their non-certified colleagues.

What are the advantages of having the CFRE credential?

  • Competence. CFRE certification confirms your knowledge of the highest standards of professional competence and ethical practice in serving the philanthropic sector.
  • Credibility. CFRE certification distinguishes you to employers and peers as a dedicated professional who keeps pace with the latest developments in fundraising.
  • Career Advancement. CFRE certification makes you part of a global network with greater career opportunities and earning power.
  • Commitment. CFRE certification is a public statement to donors and employers that you care about fundraising as a profession and are personally inspired to uphold its integrity.

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* dollar figures quoted in the specified country’s currency

Do I qualify?

In order to apply for the CFRE credential, candidates must demonstrate at least 36 months (3 years) of full time, paid experience as member of a fundraising staff, or as a fundraising consultant to nonprofit organisations, where at least 50% full time job duties (or 100% of part time duties) directly relate to fundraising activities, resource development, and/or the management of fund development which results in the generation of philanthropic support.

Positions which indirectly relate to fundraising activities may not qualify. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure if your position qualifies.