Our Mission

CFRE International certifies experienced fundraising professionals aspiring to the highest standards of ethics, competence and service to the philanthropic sector.

Our Vision

A world where philanthropy is practiced in an environment of trust, respect and accountability.

Our Values

CFRE International’s values are the principles that guide our daily work—how we interact with each other and those we serve. These values guide our Board, volunteers and staff in making ethical decisions that affect candidates, certificants and the profession of fundraising.


We engage in continuous organisational review and improvement in order to deliver our programme in a way that meets and exceeds expectations.


We adhere to an objective, fair and consistently applied process for collecting and evaluating information for decision-making that treats all people with equity.


We ensure fairness, accuracy, validity and reliability in the development and administration of the certification programme to ensure it meets the highest standards as defined by experts in the field.


We accept responsibility individually and collectively to create a quality, sustainable organisation that operates in an honest and transparent manner and is prudent in the use of financial and volunteer resources.


We embrace and include the strengths, skills and perspectives that contribute to the development of the certification programme and its certificants in order to build bridges among fundraising professionals.